Yahoo acknowleges the theft of Information about 50 crore users in 2014 attack

Personal information about 50 crore yahoo users had been ‘stolen’ in a cyber attack said to occurred in year 2014. The yahoo said recently.

The company claims that there is no backing proof to substantiate its suspicion that the attack was sponsored by law enforcement agencies of the state.

Yahoo also said that it is cooperating with agencies in regard to the breach.

The information stolen may include personal details of the individuals such as their passwords, names, contact information, birth information and answers to secret questions.

However the company claims no bank details, credit card information and unsecured password is listed in the theft items.

The founder of Hold Security, which is following the path of theft yahoo details from the web had called the attack will have a far reaching impact as it being one of the serious infringement of individual’s secret details.

Prior to this, a declared cyber attack is said to be have robbed information about 36 crore cyber users earlier this year.

The yahoo users, who may have subjected to attack, will be advised to go for a password change and other possible ways to validate their email functioning.

It is not known, how much the breach will impact the proceedings of the company towards the sale of its email services and other to Verizon Communications.

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