World’s largest radio telescope detects signals 1,351 light years away

China has launched FAST said to be the largest radio telescope on earth, where FAST stands acronym for Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope. The telescope said to have detected signal from space.

The giant structure has overtaken in size the Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory by 200 meters. The size of FAST is said to be at par with the size of 30 football grounds.

Around eight thousand natives from the nearby places were evacuated to ensure a five-km silence zone surrounding the telescope. USD 269 million was paid towards compensation of the evacuated residents.

China is planning to utilize SkyEye-1, its best of all supercomputer, to process the mammoth data expected to be provided by the telescope. At the height of information supply, it is estimated that a processing capacity of 200teraflops/sec will be required.

FAST’s potential is estimated to be 10 times higher than the existing one of its type, the scientists called the pre-launch testing as a great success.

The instrument is expected to be of great assistance in studying stellar radio emissions, probable signals from ET creatures and gravitational waves.

The organization, which oversees the operations of FAST claims to have received signals from a pulsating star said be located at a distance of 1351 light-years.

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