World’s deepest blue hole in the South China Sea

The mythical background claims that the deep blue “Dragon Hole” in the Paracel Islands, called the “eye” of the South China Sea, is where the Monkey King in “Journey to the West” acquired his famous golden cudgel.

After exploring for a year , Chinese researchers have concluded that the underwater sinkhole is suppose to be the world’s deepest, reaching about 987 feet below the surface, it is about 426 feet wide and is almost deep enough to hold the entire Eiffel Tower.

It surpasses the previous record holder, Dean’s Blue Hole near the Bahamas, by more than 300 feet, Xinhua News Agency reported.

Blue holes are named as such for their rich, dark blue coloring, a stark contrast to the otherwise aqua waters that surround them. Best described as underwater caves, these striking and beautiful formations open up with underwater entrances and extend below sea level, mirroring the appearance of a sinkhole.

The Sansha city government had officially named the sinkhole the Sansha Yongle Blue Hole to be have drafted plans to continue to protect and study the blue hole.

Across the globe, blue holes have been the source of magnificent discovery.

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