Women more prone to anxiety than men

A global review of anxiety prevalence reveals that women are two time more prone to experience anxiety as men.

The authors from Cambridge University said along with the women, young people under 35 and those with health problems are particularly affected by anxiety. Four among every 100 were found be affected by it.

As the outcome of reviewing the 48 published pieces of work, it says in-depth research is required to study and find out the other communities that are at high risk.

The review published in the journal Brain and Behavior indicates that more than 60 million people were affected by anxiety disorders every year in the EU.

North America is found to be worst affected, with eight in 100 people having anxiety, whereas East Asia is least affected with only three in 100.

Although the numbers indicate proportion of people suffering with this mental health between 1990 and 2010 remained same, the authors said it was a problem which was rarely researched, unlike depression.


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