Woman shoos away four-metre-long crocodile with her flip-flop

A lady in northern part of Australia shocked the nearby people. When she turned away a 4 meter long saltwater crocodile using her footwear.

The video released by resident predator enthusiast Lyndon Anlezark. The clip showed the woman was standing close to water body accompanied by her small pet dog. The East Alligator River is crossing the Kakadu National Park at that spot.

The river is home to 120 crocodiles. When one among them was coming towards the pair, the undeterred women removed her sandal and hit her hand with it.

The action scared the crocodile and retracted its way. The video exhibited the daring nature of the women, she seen laughing in the clip.

“It’s something just unbelievable no one should take such a risk. I am sure that she is unaware of the risk involved in such casual approach towards the predator” said Anlezark.

The Kakadu park official said such careless attitude of locals and tourists towards the animals is worrisome. The large crowd is eager to witness the gathering of bunch of crocodiles on daily basis at the crossing to catch its prey.

They are concerned about the safety of the viewers. To avoid mishaps another platform is to be setup for visitors to view the crocodiles.

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