Woman held captive for 7 Yrs for falling in love

A 32 year-old lady Sachi (name changed) was placed under ‘house arrest’ for nearly seven years by her parents, who opposed her eloping with a boy from other community. The boy happened to be a muslim.

The lady is a qualified homeopath held hostage since August 14, 2009 by her parents. She was locked and denied access to the Internet or telephones.

Sanchi called 181 — the helpline number for women in distress after that Delhi Commission For Women (DCW) rescued her from her house.

Sanchi told that she spoke to her boyfriend seven years ago and said she wouldn’t hold it against her boyfriend if he had moved on.

“Seven years is a very long time. I won’t blame him if he has moved on as there was no way of contacting me,” she said.

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