Why Should We Eat Banana Stem?

South Indian eats Banana Stem as part of their diet along with bananas.

It has been found that stem contains load of nutrition.

How to consume it:

Cut banana stem into small pieces; place it in fridge in a large bowl filled with buttermilk. Put in some pepper, salt, cumin powder and curd, grind it well and add water to consume it.

Stabilize the Blood Sugar levels

Banana stem stabilize the blood sugar as it is low in glycemic index.

Clears Infections

The potassium and other vitamins present in banana stem can treat certain symptoms of urinary tract infection.


The juice of banana stem can help detoxify your whole system in no time, same as other green juices.

Reduces Acidity Levels

Drinking a cup of banana stem juice empty stomach every morning will lead to reduction in acidity levels.

Bowel Movements

Rich in fibre content, this juice can also move your bowels. Ensure that filtering process doesn’t remove y the fibre.

Cures Kidney Stones

Banana stem acts as diuretic dissolving lumps of calcium in the kidneys that can prevent kidney stones.

Aid Weight Loss

Rich in fibre, its juice can help you control your cravings to keep you full and thereby helps to lose weight.

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