What do you eat when you’re sick?

There are a variety of comfort foods served in India during sickness. It is worth mentioning few of them:

When struck with stomach-related ailments or other general sickness. Khichdi, an easy-to-digest wholesome meal consisting of white rice and lentils become the first choice.

Inflicted with cough and/or cold, many resort to the goodness of ginger and honey and make varying concoctions of it with other ingredients.

The other popular remedy for cold, aches, weak liver, digestive issues, dry cough, and even insomnia is the delicious and soothing Turmeric milk.

Daliya, a porridge-like preparation made using whole raw wheat kernels crushed into smaller pieces is another popular dish for easy digestion.

Chicken soup is a to-go dish when you fall sick due to its comforting taste and nutritive value.

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