Water birth of Child, the video that went viral in internet

A video being circulated in the social media has stunned its viewers; the clip shows a pregnant lady delivering the child immaculately.

The new mother Audra Lynn displayed a real typical child delivery.

The video filmed of Ms Lynn of Orange County, California giving birth to her baby in water stunned had dazed thousands of internet users. The video shows the baby pop out from mother womb after going through some contractions.

The video clip was shot by midwife Lisa Marie Sanchez Oxenham. She uploaded the same in Instagram and Facebook, which had over 16 million hits from the date of its posting of 3rd September.

“An uneventful delivery, it is amazing” Lisa Marie proclaimed.

“What the people can’t notice in the video is that the emergence of baby head prior to the other parts. So I asked Audra to look for another contraction, and that’s the moment when the child popped out.

“The joy of mother is so captivating. When she calls ‘my baby boy’, it causes people to tears. It is such a fantastic occurrence”.

Lisa Marie claim that she was not carried away by the popularity received by the videos.

“I feel the clip has received an overwhelming response since it portrays the important moment, in a warm way, happening in a closed and relaxed environment,” she said.

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