Vizag holds first ever Night Marathon

Thousands of local people participated in the India’s first ever night marathon held at the picturesque beach road in Vizag. The event had turned the atmosphere into festivity mood with thousands of spectators braving the inclement weather came to witness the event.

Reports indicate around 7500 people across age took part in the marathon and thrice in number of audience encouraged the runners.

According to reports, 7,500 people from all age groups participated in the marathon, while three times more of that number witnessed the event and cheered the runners.

The runners enjoyed the colourful lights all around, music bands performing, artists dancing around the tracks and popular numbers booming throughout their way, while bay affect topped it all.

Foreigners from nine countries including from UK, US, Canada, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Switzerland and Kenya participated in the run. Addressing the gathering, Naidu said hereafter marathon and cycling would be held in every district.

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