Vicks 500 ban : Reasons behind

The Government of India has prohibited the manufacture for sale, sale and distribution of fixed dose combination drugs (Paracetamol + Phenylephrine + Caffeine). Vicks has this combination of drugs.

Apart from Vicks, India has banned the manufacture and sale of more than 300 combination medicines, including two widely used cough syrups ( Phensedyl and Corex) being sold without government approval.

What are combination drugs?

Combination drugs are used worldwide to improve patients’ compliance, as it is easier to get patients to take one drug rather than several. But inconsistent enforcement of  drug laws in India has led to the proliferation of hundreds of such medicines entering the market based on approval from regulators of individual states, rather than the central government.

Reasons for ban

Doctors and public health experts in India and abroad have warned that increasing use of antibiotic combinations in India may be contributing to antibiotic resistance.

The expert committee which was set up in 2014 opined that the said drug is found to have no therapeutic justification and hence should be put off the shelves from the market.

Broader view says that sense has prevailed with the ban of such medicines. Its rampant use without doctor’s prescription was ruining the coming generations with increasing antibiotic resistance.

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