Vellore zone to include multi-drug resistant TB care

Vellore medical zone comprising six districts of Tamilnadu is set to become the first in the State to include Bedaquiline on its Multi-drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDRTB) treatment programme.

The usage of Bedaquiline is expected to provide an edge for curing the Tuberculosis patients, who have developed resistance to the existing drugs.

Bedaquiline discovered by a Belgium pharmaceuticals  and received approval from US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2012 is regarded as the first major breakthrough in Tuberculosis treatment in over 40 years.

On receiving approval from the Central Tuberculosis Division, New Delhi to launch Bedaquiline in selected parts of the country, a Programmatic Management of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (PMDT) was launched.

An one-day training for Vellore zone was held on Tuesday by the district Tuberculosis control unit, as a part of PMDT. Medical officers from 64 districts were provided training on the administration of the drug, handling possible problems, adverse reactions, monitoring of patients, etc.

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