Using 3D printing for restorative dental work in a single visit

People who made a visit to a dentist for teeth care could very well recall the hassle they went through during the process. The dentist follows a set of time consuming procedures to treat the teeth problem; sometimes it even dragged to several weeks.

But there is good news for the patients, with the help of 3D technology dentists could make the things done probably in the maiden visit itself.

“Basically it uses the subtractive concept CAD/CAM.  The medical apparatus captures the block of material, following that it carves away the surface of the tooth. So, it is a simple 3D printing,” the Dental surgeon said.

The scanning technology has been in use for several years, the introduction of a 3D scanner is the key to the simplified process.

Many dentists are expected to adapt the emerging 3D technology to make it easy for patients reducing their visits to the clinic.

The software is used to make the design of the teeth crown; following it the milling unit processes the crown from a porcelain block.

After going through fifteen minutes in the milling machine, the crown is made ready for the final filing and buffing. The finishing glaze is carried following minutes of oven process before cementing on.

The entire set of procedures in an hour and half. Just amazing

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