The Latest In Preventing Drunken Driving? This ‘Temporary Tattoo’

A new kind of ‘temporary tattoo’ is to assist in preventing drunk driving incidents, researchers claim.Scientists have created a disposable sticky circuit board, which can be applied to the skin, to measure a wearer’s alcohol levels.

These results are then sent to wearer’s smart phone to inform their consumption levels. The device consists of a tattoo that sticks to the skin and a magnetic circuit board that attaches to it.

Silver and silver chloride electrodes are printed onto commercial tattoo paper, which generate a small amount of current for five minutes. The current causes a thin layer of gel on the tattoo to release a drug that causes the wearer to sweat.

When the tattoo becomes moist with sweat, an electro-chemical sensor made of an alcohol-sensitive enzyme can measure alcohol concentration in the perspiration. The results are transferred to a phone via Bluetooth.

The new method would be an accurate and simpler alternative to testing alcohol levels by measuring a person’s blood alcohol concentration by pricking their finger, or relying on a breathalysers, which are simple to tamper with, IEEE Spectrum reported.

The device is the brainchild of engineers at the University of California, San Diego and has two parts.

One is a temporary tattoo that sticks to the skin, while the second is a small, flexible circuit board that attaches magnetically to the tattoo.

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