The important business of napping

Finding a tranquil space in the cramped city of Hong Kong is hard and expensive. Some enterprising companies venturing into providing a quick snooze their business.

The Nap Lounge equipped with an ergonomically designed recliner, calming music, soft lighting, and a soothing scent is a tranquil home away from home in the bustling city. It has become an attractive relaxing place at lunchtime for hangover sufferers. Exhausted professionals take a rest for a while in the middle of a hectic day.

The cabin booking for a 15-minute power nap costs about HKD40, a more refreshing one-hour recharge costs around HKD 100. There are slippers, eye-masks, magazines and free Wi-Fi in the room. Coffee and snacks are also available for when customers wake up.

Paying to take a nap is a new concept in Hong Kong, but more and more people are embracing the idea.

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