The Art of Avoiding Conflict At Workplace!

Women are increasingly being a part of big companies; the fact that a woman faces more issues at workplace than men is just disgusting. Some advise and useful guidance for women to feel free to work and grow as individuals.

Think before you speak:

Evaluate the consequences before you speak, it is very important and very basic. Do not make any provocative remark in a harsh way, however much you would like it to!

Act when the time is right:

Do handle everything in a professional manner, analyze the situation and put forth the concern. Do not make instinct complaints or snide remarks.

Listen, don’t dispute:

Listen patiently the feeling expressed by office colleagues, do not argue to prove yourself right. Arguing creates chaos and turns things worse.


Properly acknowledge and document the decisions, make prudent use of proofs in awkward situations.

Set limits:

Draw a boundary at the workplace. Keep distance from the contacts that may create disputes. Be cordial and affable as required.

Cordiality and friendliness:

Put on efforts to be cordial and friendly, appreciate your co-workers for good workings. Cordial work environment make life easier. Be cautious and do not overdo it.

Do not overreact:

Always maintains composure and do not overreact. Follow the right approach , either confront them calmly or complain to the right department. Supervisors and managers appreciate a co-operative employee.

Be smart:

Have smart thinking and make the maximum to keep the job or to move up the career ladder. Properly assess the situation and let the other party win. Make them happy if it will help you in your growth.


Accept your co-workers as it is., this will only make you a better professional. However, this does not apply when someone harasses or tortures you. Draw the fine line and react only when appropriate.

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