Technology that helps to replicate the handwriting

A team of researchers from the College of London University were said to have developed an algorithm that can replicate an individual handwriting.

The said algorithm receives a sample of handwriting and explores its attributes to replicate the text as written by the original person.

It is known that all market word processors come with a typeface that can create text in a literally identical handwriting pattern. Tom Haines and his associates claim to have developed software that recreates the minute facts of a person writing handiness.

The team has named their system as ‘My Text In Your Handwriting’ and said to have examined with hand writings of historical personalities such as former American President Abraham Lincoln and Author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

It is said the team was able to create a sentence in the handwriting of Conan Doyle, which was never wrote by him.

What will be the practical benefits of using this algorithm?

  • To send across the customers, the sensitive documents and new credit cards with personalized handwritten communication in disguise.
  • Replacing the commercial usage of personal communications that comes along with inserted notations and figures by genuinely handwritten messages.

There is a possibility of misusing the algorithm by criminals to forge other signatures; however that may be checked by close examinations of texts. It is possible to determine whether the the writing is by an individual or recreated by the machine.

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