Tamils Attack Sri Lankan Envoy in Malaysia Over Rajapaksa’s Visit

The High Commissioner of Sri Lankan to Malaysia, Ibrahim Sahib Ansar, was severely beaten up by local Tamils at the Kuala Lumpur airport following his refusal to divulge the whereabouts of former Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa on a trip to Malaysia to participate in a workshop.

According to the reports from a local daily the High Commissioner had to be rushed to hospital bleeding profusely. Along with him, the Second secretary in the mission was also injured and rushed to hospital. The mob turned violent when Ansar asked them to find out from the police where Rajapaksa was.

For the past several days, a witch hunt group of LTTE supporters have been protesting and burning effigies of Rajapaksa who they termed as a person involved in war time killing and must have denied entry into Malaysia at all.

The incident at the time of  High Commissioner Ansar arrival at the airport to send off a Sinhalese lawmaker from the opposition party led by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

It was said by the time the police arrived, the High Commissioner had been beaten up. However, no one from the  the  delegation was faced the attack, he said.

Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the happenings.  “The Government of Sri Lanka condemns this act of violence on one of Sri Lanka’s diplomats in the strongest terms, “ the Ministry said in a statement.

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