Tamil Nadu Election Commission underlines the guidelines to the govt departments

Prior to the announcement of the elections and the official notification of the codes, the election commission is getting ready with all other formalities. The official notification of the exact dates of the programme will be announced in a day or two.

The contents of the letter from the Chief of Tamil Nadu Election Commission, Mr. Rajesh Lakhani are:

Once the dates of Tamil Nadu Assembly General Elections are announced, no government department can come out with any new projects, government orders or any other new rules.

There were incidents of such complaints on earlier occasions. This time this should summarily be avoided. It was found that some departments issued government orders with an earlier date. This should be stopped. And the commission has taken the steps to stop it. All must compulsorily follow the rule as given.

Once the official announcement is done over the public media, the government departments that have the powers to issue government orders should draw a thick line and close the register. And within two hours of announcement that page must be scanned and sent to the election commission for record purposes. No violation is permitted in this.

In case the in charge of such records is out of station, he/she must assign this duty to the next in order to follow this procedure within the stipulated time.

This record with the election commission will ensure proper action if any complaint is made to the commission in this regard.

More such rules and bindings are already issued to various heads of the government authorities. Readers might know that already officers working for more than three years and the local known persons transfers and promotions should be monitored in detail as a part of election process.