Surat donor’s heart saves a Mumbaikar

A 53-year-old Mumbaikar suffering from “Dilated Cardiomyopathy” received a new lease of life after the family of a 54-year-old brain dead patient of Surat gave consent for donation of their kin’s heart. The recipient was on the waiting list for two months and his only chance for survival is heart transplantation from a donor

With the help of a green corridor, the donor heart reached Fortis Hospital in Mumbai in one hour and 17 minutes , along with this the city has reported 18 heart transplantations so far this year since August last year.

The donor heart left Mahavir Hospital at 11.35am and reached Surat Airport at 11.48 am. It was then transferred into a chartered flight that took off at 11.54 am which landed at Mumbai Airport at 12.33 pm and headed out in the stand-by ambulance at 12.34pm. Further travelling through green corridor finally the heart reached Fortis Hospital at 12.52pm.

Then the heart was immediately rushed into the Operation Theatre. Doctors concluded the surgery and the patient is now stable.

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