Super computer to assist monsoon forecasting

Monsoon prediction is turning very crucial in the country every year; in order to achieve accurate forecasting India is developing a supercomputer. The supercomputer is expected to be ready and running by next year.

The Indian Meteorological Department will be spending around  $60 million for the cause, it is expected to go for 3D modeling to predict how the seasonal rains will develop. Official from the department said the new systems supplemented by super computer will be 10 times faster than the present system.

The backbone agriculture sector of the country is dependent on the seasonal rains from June to September, which accounts for 66% of the annual rainfall. Reality forecasting is expected to boost the agriculture output by better guiding the farmer in harvesting management.

India’s age old methodology of monsoon prediction is outdated and it has affected the forecasting, it failed to predict the major drought in 2009.

An official said “Monsoon still remains a very complex weather system which only God has the ability to understand fully.”

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