Spectacular event, Skydivers fall off the 300m Kuala Lumpur Tower

Around 100+ skydivers across the globe have jumped from a 300mts tall building in Kuala Lumpur. The glittering  Malaysian capital is witnessing an annual base jumping event.

The event called as “ KL Tower International Jump” is to be held between 30th September – 3rd October. The event features sports enthusiastic flipping themselves from the high rise Kuala Lumpur tower.

Jumpers numbering 120 from 20 nations will be taking part in the annual event.

The ever busy city public can witness the skydivers leaping and flipping over the high rise building’s edge. Then go for free falling.

The skydiver’s kit includes a parachute  for making a safe landing on earth.

A film clip has captured many of the divers steer their way around the big buildings of KL while trying to land safely.

A large number of admirers gather at the bottom of the spot to view the daring athlete’s attempts from below.

The CEO of the KL towers says ‘Same as previous events, the divers will flip from the top of tower at 312 meters. The spectators will certainly go through the experience of watching a challenging activity’.

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