SpaceX offers commercial trips to planet Mars

As the world middle income group is increasing in numbers, along with it their desire to travel and explore things is also in rise.  They may soon have an opportunity to keep their feet on the distant Mars.

The adventure travel may cost around some hundred thousand dollars.

Elon Musk, the man who is behind the business enterprise of Space-X and Tesla introduced this new venture in Mexico. He is aiming to send people to Mars, probably by 2024.

Scientists say there are some factors that may need to be viewed seriously to achieve the manned-missions to Mars. They claim one need to address the radiation issue that will lead to serious repercussions on human muscle system and erosion of bone density. One may also need to equip the technology to carry 100 odd travelers in a trip to Mars.

Overall the mission needs heavy funding running to billions of dollars, which the dreamer Elon Musk needs to take care off. Musk addressing the gathering said that the tickets to Mars will be around two hundred thousand dollars.

Critics, who welcomed the innovative idea and efforts by Elon raises further delicate questions. NASA had revealed what will be the prevailing weather conditions and terrains in Mars.

Elon Musk said one should prepare himself to die in case of willingness to go on the journey.

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