Some lesser known facts about Kerala

Kerala is the southernmost state of India with a unique set of geographic characteristics that make it one of a kind. Kerala is famous for its lush greenery, hills, waterfalls, sun kissed beaches and serene backwaters. It has now emerged to be a sought after tourist destination in the world.

1.Kerala is the only state in India where Ayurveda is still a main stream medicine. There are Ayurvedic medical colleges and hospitals across the state.

2.Female to male sex ratio is highest in India

3.Kerala is a state where you can see Asian elephants very commonly. Elephants are entwined with Kerala’s culture from ancient times.

4. Largest Christian populated State in India

Kerala is one of the top 5 largest Christians  populated states in India. Christian community contributed in all walks of Kerala life and they are primary reason for educational Reformation in Kerala.

5.First Technology Park in India

Trivandrum(Capital city of Kerala) Techno park is the largest and first Techno park in India. Even though its geographical situated away from downtown Trivandrum. There are many multinational companies in Trivandrum,

6.First 3D film in India is a Kerala movie

“My dear Kutichathan” produced in Kerala, was the first 3D film in India. Film was produced Apachan and it gave inspiration to many other movies in Indian cinema later to produce in 3d.

7.Highest number of Suicide cases in India

Its quite strange to belive that a state with 100% literacy also has largest number of suicide reports

8.Kerala  State has the Highest Media Exposure in India

The National Family Health Survey – 3, conducted in 2007, ranked Kerala as a state with highest media exposure in India.

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