Solar-powered Helicopter makes its maiden journey

The year 2016 seems to be a progressive one for the aviation sector fueled by solar energy. The Solar Impulse 2 had completed its sixteen months journey around the world; it was the first kind of fuel-less travel.

Now it is the turn of a motivated team of technical savvy engineers further improvised the journey with the successful launch of solar energy powered piloted helicopter.

Their helicopter named “Solar Gamera” can only travel short distances. But youngsters are confident that the longer versions of travel are on flow. They claim the day marks of historic importance in the arena of rotary blade aviation along with the green aviation sector.

The craft occupying a space of 100 Sq.Ft , stands to be majestic and huge.

So far, the new invention was able to fly for just 9 seconds above a foot from the earth. The trial flying took place at the grounds of University of Maryland.

Each small panel was individually purchased holding exclusive monocrystalline solar cells. Then, the team developed foam backings, and built the huge solar panel that fuels the craft.

The innovative project progressed exponentially from its initial creation of man-powered craft. Still the challenges of big shape and sole reliant on solar energy need to be efficiently addressed.

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