Smoking puts your sperm at risk

Smoking habits will cost dear to one sperm quality warns a study.

The research conducted on equal number of smokers and non-smokers revealed that the sperm of smokers has a greater extent of DNA damage than that of non-smokers.

On assessing the 422 proteins in sperm of the participants, the smokers sperm has one protein missing, 27 others inadequate and 6 were found in excessive levels. The analysis suggests that smoking promotes inflammatory response in the male reproductive tract.

 “More and more studies are demonstrating a harmful effect of smoking on male fertility. Our results point in the direction of important semen alterations: semen of smokers presents an inflammatory nature, associated with decreased capacity of sperm to achieve fertilization and generate a healthy pregnancy,” said senior author Dr Ricardo Pimenta Bertolla.

The study adds that DNA fragmentation multifold in smoker’s sperm and may cause heavy toll in child’s health.

The study appears in BJU International.

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