Sex in old age: Bad for men, but good for women

Being sexually active in old age may be increasing the chances of heart attack, heart failure or stroke in comparison to the people with the less lust over sex, new research reveals.

Older men, who tend to enjoy having frequent sexual encounters, may be subjected to face an increased risk from such serious cardiovascular events, the study authors said.

By contrast, an active sex life seems to make no impact on the health of an aged lady heart. The older women who claim the coitus as pleasure and have a satisfied feeling see the benefits in physical health, the study found.

“The result for men is really amusing for us, given the common perception that sex always leads to better health,” said the lead author of study Hui Liu, who was associated as the professor with sociology department of  Michigan State University.

Liu offered many explanations to justify the outcome of the study.

“As the males become aged, they are tend to face with problems in attaining orgasm due to health and  emotive feelings  reasons,” she noted,  that may be causing factors of  excess exertion, exhausting conditions and cardiovascular stress.

In addition, medical supplements and other sex enhancing products used for coitus pleasure will make an adverse impact on the health of seniors.

But a cardiologist opposed the findings from the study and called for more research to be carried.

The study researchers evaluated survey responses from more than 2,200 seniors in age range of 57 to 85, the key finding being the Older men were more likely to claim than the  older women to proclaim their sexual strength

The study findings were published in the online September 6 edition of the Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

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