Salman Khan backs Pakistani actors, says they are artistes not terrorists

Bollywood bhaijaan Salman Khan came in support of the artists from Pakistan, they were facing the possibility of banning from performing in Indian shows and films. The ban being proposed on the artists following the attack by Pakistan based militant on an Indian military camp at Uri.

On this issue Salman commented “ The artists are not terrorists, it is government that allows them to stay and perform by providing visas”.

There was much hue and cry all over the country after the September 18 episode to impose a ban of artists from Pakistan performing in Indian screens and stage shows.

The Mumbai-based Film Association (IMPPA) had passed a resolution to impose a ban on actors from the neighboring countries working here.

The leader of hardcore Marathi outfit MNS issued a 2 day ultimatum for all such artiste to leave country else there would be a forceful extradition. The outfit also announced that the films featuring Pakistani artists won’t be allowed to screening.

“The ideal scenario of peace has to be prevailed. At a time of such attacks obviously there is a need to react” the macho man of bollywood said.

 He added “At this crucial juncture, I feel it is better for a commoner to live in peace”.

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