Rekha Biography : Unfolding the life events of the Actress

Evergreen Bollywood Diva Rekha’s personal life is full of twists and turns. In the new biography Rekha: The Untold Story penned by Yasser Usman, published by Juggernaut, the writer explores the other side of her life and some of the excerpts from the book reveal details that are very astounding.

At the tender age of 15, in her debut film itself she was subjected to molestation by director of the film Raja Nawathe and its leading actor Biswajeet Chatterjee.

In the maiden shot for Rekha, Biswajeet grabbed her and pressed his lips on her mouth, no prior information about this to Rekha. While the camera was keep on capturing the shot, the entire crew seems to enjoying it with whistling and cheering for the next 5 minutes. Biswajeet kept on kissing the unsuspecting Rekha for full five minutes, she tightly closed her eyes but tears were flowing out of it.

Another shocking and disruptive event occurred in Rekha’s life was the reaction from Vinod Mehra’s mother over their said marriage. The mother-in-law designate didn’t allow her to touch the feet and reportedly pushed her away, also she was refused entry into the house.

The unfolding of events that explains the cause for  her husband Mukesh Agarwal apparent suicide, it is reported that Mukesh was suffering from chronic depression and was not happy with Rekha’s acting career, and all of this, coupled with post-divorce trauma, led him to commit suicide.

Following the incident, people start commenting bad about Rekha to the extreme of labeling her as a cold-hearted man-eater.

Anupam Kher, co-starred with Rekha in many films in that period also joined the bandwagon.  He said, “She is turning to be he national vamp. Personally as well professionally, I believe it is going to be curtains for her. I mean to say  I am sure about which way to react in case of meeting her face to face”.

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