Radhika Apte slams reporter for leaked video question

Actress Radhika Apte replied angrily to a reporter, who asked about her controversial nude scenes leaked in internet. She furiously said “Sorry to term your query as nonsensical. Controversies are created by person like you.  You tend to share the clips with your friends and turn the entire matter labeled as controversial”.

In the recent past, an intimate sex making scene of Apte with her costar Adil Hussian went viral in social media. The scenes were from the going to be released film “Parched”.

Although the entire matter blown up into a big topic for discussion, Apte was never shy of speaking her mind. She keep on stressing the fact that the film offers more than the “Sex Scene” to the audiences.

Addressing the gathering at a function she said “ I do not feel shame about the happenings. Individuals who are uncomfortable about their own body are interested on others one. If you would like to see someone naked, see yourself naked in front of the mirror. Do this and come for further discussions”.

Critics are of the opinion that the question raised by the journalist is ludicrous and the actress anger is more than justified. They added that she spoke the mind of artists whose talent is ridiculed in this manner.

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