Python Takes Offence To Selfie, Bites Man

The general public likes to take selfies, whether they are at party or movies. People are very much inclined to take pictures with animals at zoo.

If someone is planning is planning to take selfies with snakes, think twice before the adventurous attempt turns terrible.

The said incident took place in Mount Abu region of Rajasthan, where a youngster trying to take a selfie was bitten by the python

The incident took place, when two persons were holding the heavy python and the third one had attempted to pose with the snake for a selfie.

As soon as the youngster was aligning with the duo for a snap with python, the angered snake attacked him with a bite.

The youngster is said to safe as no harm was caused by the bite, however the incident teaches all selfie obsessed person a lesson not to play with animals.

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