Progeria Child In Bangladesh, that makes him look like an elderly man

A baby boy who looks like an 80-year-old man was born District Magura, Bangladesh. The medical practitioners of the area were visibly stunned and say the child is inflicted with a rare medical condition named “Progeria”.

The child  was born with  wrinkles like old aged people in its face, the body is shrunk and eyes are hollow.

Although the child has many negativities in his appearance, that doesn’t deter the enthusiasm of the parents. They felt jubilant over the baby and term him as a miracle.

The child parents Biswajit Patro and Parul feel happy about the child and even celebrating it with relatives. Ever since the child was born steady stream of relatives keep visiting the home to get a glimpse of the baby.

The village doctors stated clearly to the parents that the child will do well for the time. The future of the child remains a mystery.

The Progeria infected child don’t live long, the maximum was 17 years by one Sam Bernes.

What does it mean by Progeria?

Progeria is an odd genetic disorder that affects one in 4 Million children across the world. Generally the lifespan of such children is just around 13.

The condition affects both boy and girl child. The condition is neither hereditary nor it passed down to generations

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