Planes collide in deadly mid-air horror, claiming 3 lives.

Officials said three people lost their life in an accident involving the collusion of two aircraft in sky. The accident took place at a small un-towered airport in the region of western Georgia province.

Mr.Bud Benefield, an official with fire department of Carroll County, confirmed that the planes collided in midair within the reach of Regional Airport of West Georgia.

The airport operates with one runway and loosely controlled. There exists the practice of pilot themselves announcing the landings of aircraft as well the takeoffs.

The two single-engine planes crashed with each other are Beech F33A and Diamond DA20C1.

Chief of Carroll County Fire Mr. Scott Blue said that a pilot happened to witness the crash from the midair informed the county officials about the accident. It seems the pilots of the flight are trying to land at the same time and “one plane came on top of another one”.

Investigations are in progress and no official confirmation was established to concur with the reason revealed.

The collusion was so drastic that let the official to believe the debris found on ground belongs to just a single plane.

The dead pilots identification is progressing. Carroll County situated in about 45 miles west from Atlanta.

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