Pigeon carrying “warning” message from Pakistan found in border village

Few days before balloons written with derogatory writing in Urdu surfaced in the villages of Punjab bordering Pakistan. Now, BSF captured a pigeon carrying a message for Modi.

The message inscribed in Urdu and tied to the birds leg read a warning to Modi saying Pakistan is not same as 1971.

An official in Pathankot said it was a “pigeon from across border carrying a message tied to its leg”.

“It seem like a outburst of some irritated person after the surgical strikes carried by Indian across the border”.

The message written to Modi says “Pakistan’s children from each household are prepared to face the enemy. The country is not same as of 1971 and atrocities on Kashmiri’s will be avenged”.

Pigeon flying is a very common hobby in the region. The pakistani pigeons flying over the border villages is quite normal

Although it is not quite often, the pigeons carry venomous messages occasionally. Which seems to be the case this time.

Security force official claim that BSF personnel spotted the pigeon and called police.

Previously a  substantial number of huge balloons spotted in border village with written message “ the sword of ayub is still with us, glory to Islam”.

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