Pervez Musharraf dancing with his wife, video goes viral

A video footage showing the former Pakistan Premier and Military chief Pervez Musharraf shaking legs and hips to popular tunes along with his spouse at a private function has created waves in the social media. According to some sources, the function was organized by relatives of the ex-premier celebrating a wedding ceremony.

73 year old Musharraf was permitted to travel abroad for treating his backache problem. Some sarcastically commented that he devised an innovative method of getting rid from the pain in backbone. Elegantly dressed in traditional wear, he was seen enjoying good time along with his wife Sehba.

The clip was posted by Journalist Hamid Mir on twitter, he has tagged the clip with Interior Minister of the nation asking him to explain “what is going on”.

Musharraf was under lens and not permitted to travel abroad sice mid 2013. He was facing trial in number of cases in the country’s court.

By March 2016,  Musharraf has granted permission to travel overseas for a medical treatment , which was claimed to unavailable within the country borders. The government had agreed to his plea as he pledge to return home in 4-6 weeks time after treatment.

Some of his well wishers twittered speedy recovery.

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