People with alcohol addiction lack key enzyme: Scientists

Researchers from Sweden pinpointed an enzyme that stops its production in the brain when the alcohol addiction of an individual turns worse, the situation results in the further loss of impulse control.

Scientifically, the depleting levels of enzyme PRDM2 in the brain leads to further deterioration of impulse control that  further provokes the individual dependency on alcohol keeping aside the negative impacts of alcohol consumption. The findings were determined by experimenting with mice by the researchers at Sweden’s Linköping University.

A study carried out sometime before has shown the probability of development of some cancer types as a result of lower production of PRDM2, but researchers were surprised to know about its role in the brain.

For the study, researchers subjected rats to alcohol consumption and found alcohol dependence in them resulted in lower levels of PRDM2 production in their brains.

Molecular Psychiatry journal published the study.

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