Pangolin: The most trafficked mammal in the world

Gentle and reclusive pangolins always seem to keep a low profile. But this simple mammal is said to be subjected to trafficking in massive scale. Experts gathered at an annual meet called for immediate and serious actions to prevent this mammal from extinction.

The mammal lives on eating the ants is having a huge demand worldwide for its meat and organs of the body.

Demand for pangolin meat and body parts has fuelled a bloodbath, and driven the scale-covered, ant-eating mammal towards extinction.

It is estimated that above a million pangolins were hunted last decade and its population is fast declining. More than a million pangolins are believed to have been poached from the wild in the past decade.

Pangolins are in great demand across China and Vietnam, where it is preferred for its taste and also used in making traditional drugs.

In the annual gathering at Johannesburg, the animal activists stressed the need to declare pangolins into as protected animals, which forces ban curbing its trade at International level. At present the sale of pangolins are permitted with restrictions.

The African and Asian continent holds four species of this mammal. According to a Research in 2000s, the population of pangolin saw a steep decline of 94% in China.

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