Noori Chamb waterfall attracts large number of tourists

The Noori Chamb waterfall in the Himalayan state of Jammu and Kashmir has become a major attraction as tourists from the state and across India come there to get some relief from the summer heat.

The waterfall is named after Mughal Queen Noor Jahan as it is believed that the queen used to bathe in drizzling water during her visit to the state.

A tourist had said he was left enchanted by the beauty of the waterfall. The historic waterfall is situated between Behramgala and Chandimarh on Mughal Road and is 45 kilometres away from Poonch district.

The main sources of “Noori chamb” water are Lucksar and Kolsar lakes. The lakes are located at an altitude of 3900 m near Panjtari marg in Pir Panjal mountain range (Maini, 2011).

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