New glass-bottomed walkway opens at 4,600ft on a Chinese mountain

Yet another scaring high glass-bottomed skywalk has been unveiled in the mountains of southern China, daring brave tourists to walk along a cliff with a cavernous drop on the other side.

The ‘Coiling Dragon Cliff’ walkway opened on August 1 on Tianmen Mountain, at the Tianmenshan National Park in Zhangjiajie, and has already welcomed visitors to try out its dizzying heights for themselves.

The 330ft-long path along the mountainside is just 5ft wide, giving tourists a very clear view of the plunging valley on the other side of the barrier.

Coiling Dragon Cliff walkway, the third such walkway to open on the mountain, has been recently converted from a wooden pathway and sits at around 4,600ft above sea level.

The mountainous area is particularly popular with tourists for its remarkable natural scenery as well as for its relatively new attractions, the glass-bottomed walkways.

Photographs of the walkway’s first visitors show them edging carefully along the cliff wall, with some guests avoiding looking down through the transparent floor and over the side of the barrier.

The first of Tianmenshan’s skywalks was opened in November 2011 and has since attracted thousands of tourists wanting to sample life on the edge.

The glass floor of the walkway was just 2.5 inches thick and visitors were spotted looking nervous walking on it.

Meanwhile the second attraction, a glass bridge across a canyon in the national park, opened in May this year and is reported to have cost around £2.6 million to build.

Not only is it a scary glass-bottom walkway high above the ground, visitors have the chance to go bungee jumping and zip-lining from the spectacular structure.

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