Neck massage at salon causes stroke to a man

When we go to salon for a haircut, a complimentary head and neck massage makes us irresistible. Babu Reddy, 40, walked into the salon and the 30-minute session proved too costly, a crick in the neck followed by the massage gave him a stroke.

The salon employee massaged Babu till he heard a crack in his neck and he thought that as an indication of a successful massage.

On returning from salon Babu felt uneasy, dizzy and couldn’t walk steadily. Later, he was rushed to the nearby hospital in an unconscious state.

Doctors analyzed the situation and concluded that the culprit for the situation was the neck massage by the untrained salon staff.

Luckily Babu doesn’t have any other medical complications and was fortunate to have survived the stroke said the hospital doctors.

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