Muslim-Hindu Men Donate Kidneys to Each Other’s Wives

While the country was celebrating Eid-ul-zuha, the festiveal sacrifice and sanctity, two families override the religious differences for sake of humanity.

In a welcoming development, a Muslim man donated his kidney to a Hindu woman and vice versa. The duo donated kidneys to each other’s spouses in the pink city of Jaipur.

The transplantation carried out at a private hospital in the city, the hospital doctors claimed it to be a first such instance, where people of different faith donated organs to save lives.

A B+ blood group patient, Anita was suffering from glomerular disease resulting in the non-functioning of kidney. While Tasleem Jahan, an A+ blood group had suffered kidney loss due to excessive pain killer drugs.

The strange thing was that their husband’s had blood group in reciprocation. Doctors saw the possibility of transplantation by swapping the kidneys and approached with the suggestion.

Following the suggestion of the doctors, the families went through a counseling session and agreed to help each other. The surgery was performed on 2nd September, where Tasleem husband donated kidney to Hindu Anitha and her husband donated kidney to Muslim Tasleem.

According to the existing laws, only a close relative is permitted to donate kidney for a patient. However there was no restriction over the swapping of kidney’s on requirement.

Ahmed, husband of Tasleem said “I will be celebrating the upcoming Eid-ul-Adha with added fervor, all appreciation goes  to Vinod. He has donated his kidney to my spouse”.

While the hindu couple called it a celebration not less than the Diwali.

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