Mumbai: Housing Society Blocks Muslim Family From Buying Flat, 9 Arrested

A Muslim family was not allowed to own a flat at Vasai, Mumbai by members of the Housing society. Later 9 members of the society were arrested by police for acting with a sinister motive of jeopardizing religious harmony.

The problem brewed when Ahmed Khan was indented to purchase a flat from its present owner Ms. Kantaben Patel aged 55.

In spite of mutually agreed price for the sale of the Flat, the sale deed could not be finalized due to the opposition from the members of the Housing society. The society met and took a resolution that they won’t let the possession of flat by Mr.Khan since he belongs to Muslim community.

“Being the legal owners of the flat, we are entitled to sell it to anyone who offers right price irrespective of his religious identity. It is our prerogative,” said Kantaben’s son Jignesh Shah.

The society has no role and cannot object the provision of No Objection Certificate, “instead our society opposed the sale by not providing the NOC”. Also they went to extent of harassing and intimidate us by cutting the water supply to our residence. He said.

When asked the reason,  Mr Shah revealed , “they told since they doesn’t want the flat to be sold to a Muslim”.

Nine persons were arrested so far who had signed the resolution. One is said to out of station and expected to face the tune of law on return.

Besides the nine persons arrested, a complaint has also been lodged against two others from the housing society.

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