Mother gives rebirth to her two-year-old

A city hospital in Hyderabad has successfully performed a rare liver transplantation surgery on a two-year-old from Khammam suffering from a rare type of cancer.

The infant Mahasen Datta was suffering with a rare life-threatening liver malignancy called Hepatoblastoma. He was hospitalized complaining recurrent chest infections, fever, poor growth and abdominal lump.

He was diagnosed with multiple lesions in the liver and further diagnosis confirmed Stage IV of the dreadful cancer. The specialists see the possibility of remedy through the combination of chemotherapy and transplantation.

The transplantation was made possible as the kid’s mother Manasa came forth to donate the liver. After three cycles of chemotherapy between February and April, the boy was implanted with the left lateral lobe of his mother’s liver over a surgery that lasted for eight hours.

The surgery cost Rs.15 lakh and the recurrent expenditure will amount to Rs.20,000 per month initially and subsequently it will be less than Rs.5,000.

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