Miraculous escape of Buffalo from the jaws of Lions

A buffalo taken down and set to become a lion prides meal made a miraculous escape from death – after the lions began fighting among themselves. The video was captured by a professional guide at Mala Mala Private Game Reserve in South Africa.


During a safari tour, he stumbled across two opposing prides of lions eyeing up a herd of buffalo.The lioness’ of one pride pounced to picking off a stray buffalo struggling to make it up an embankment to safety.

As the tourists and Mike watched on, the buffalo’s fate looked sealed, with the lions inevitable meal all but confirmed.And as the buffalo’s cries for help begin to dampen, the buffalo appears to have given up the fight.

But when suddenly a lioness from the rival pride hurtles into view in a bid to get a piece of the meal, he spots a moment to escape, while the rival prides of lions fight among themselves.

Hilariously, as they claw each other in a bid to win the meal, it can be seen in the background slowly rising to its feet and staggering to safety as if nothing had happened.

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