“Mexicable” the new public transport system of Mexico

The South American nation of Mexico has recently dedicated to public the maiden cable car service. The country introduced the transport system for easy and affordable transport means of the citizens.

The moving wagons over the cable are named as “Mexicable”. There are 190 wagons with a capacity of carrying 10 persons in each unit.

The cable car will be connecting the suburbs of country with its capital, the commuters can travel over the suburbs and reach the outskirts of capital and then travel further to their destinations using other means of public transport system.

The Mexican premier launched the services few days before.

The cable car travel reduces the travel time by half; the commuters can reach their places in 17 minutes. By other means of transportation it will be taking around 40 minutes to travel the same distance.

The project is joining its parallels at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Caracas, Venezuela and Medellin, Colombia.

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