Meet the mysterious man, who survived dozen snakebites

Meet the mysterious man, who had survived 12 snake bites and still holds life to describe the tale.

Lingaraju is aged 20 and just had escaped from four snake bites in last month alone, it includes the bites from venomous two king cobras.

The family of Lingaraju resides in Vijayapura and strives hard to meet its daily ends.

For the first time, lingaraju was bitten by snake five years ago. Following the incident he was bitten by the snake for another 7 times. All this occurred in Solapur, where his family lived for years.

The worried family visited a doctor for consultation, who kept lingaraju under medication for a period of 6 months.

The family spent around forty thousand rupees towards his treatment. They faced difficulty to meet the medical expenses. Finally the family shifted their base to Vijapura as they believe the snake bites were caused by a curse in Solapur.

But their hopes were shattered; they were disappointed to see their son is bitten again by snake for another four times in just one month.

To safeguard from these repetitive incidents, the family decided to make him stay at house and not to sent him to any work.

While the family thought it caused by curse, the Indian medical system practitioner at their native village calls it as a mystery. The doctor had twice treated Lingaraju while he was bitten by cobras and astonished over his survival despite the poisonous bites by different snakes on twelve occasions.

Most of the doctors, who examined Lingaraju, could not determine the reason behind the mystery.

The family could not meet the financial requirements towards the consultation in Bangalore. They left with no option but to carry along the “curse” and live at Vijayapura.

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