Meet Keshab, the coconut man from Odhisa

Guinness world record holder from Orissa Keshab Swain broke 108 green coconuts using his head and elbows. He was doing so as homage to the soldiers killed during the recent attacks at Uri.

At the venue, priests were enchanting hyms as Swain was breaking coconuts and offering it to Lord Siva. He prayed that peace prevails in all parts of the nation.

Keshab Swain, who has created many records at national as well as International level in breaking the coconut with body parts is present on social media platform through twitter, youtube and facebook.

Using the social media presence, he hopes to create awareness among youth about the martial arts, adventure sports and fitness. He holds black belt in Kickboxing and Karate.

Native of Odhisa state, he comes from a remote village. In 2012 he entered the Guinness book of records by breaking 85 green coconuts in one minute using his elbow. He is the first to do so using his elbow.

Keshab also holds 5 national records in Limca Book, he made a new history by smashing 18 number of tender coconuts in one minute in 2012.

He was honored with several awards and medals by Odhisa state for his Guinness records as well his rescue efforts.


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