Meet Ayesha Aziz, India’s Youngest Pilot at 20

Ayesha Aziz, now 20, got her student licence when she was just 16.

Ayesha have to complete another 80 hours of flying to become a commercial pilot, she will be receiving the commercial pilot license on completion of 200 hours of flying.

Ayesha, a native of Kashmir and resident of Mumbai dreamt of becoming a pilot from childhood. In 2011, she cleared the entrance exam to join the training at the Bombay Flying Club after completing 10th standard.

Currently pursuing her B.Sc. third year in Aviation from f Bombay Flying Club, she has completed 120 hours of flying. Her inspiration is Sunita Williams, a NASA astronaut of Indian origin and even went to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in 2012 for a learning tour.

She received continuous motivation from her parents to achieve the feet, apart from other passions in life she loves to be unconventional. She says, “Flying works against gravity, you give up everything that gets you down.” That’s as unconventional as it gets for Ayesha.

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