‘Manithan’ Movie Review & Rating: Hit-and-miss!

An official remake of a Hindi film titled Jolly LLB, Manithan is directed by I Ahmed of Endrendrum Punnagai fame and produced by Udhayanidhi himself.

Manithan Plot:

In a country like India, rich people getting away easily with their crimes by utilizing the money and power are very common. This is pretty much the core plot of Manithan. When Udhayanidhi Stalin, a young lawyer who desperately wants to make it big gets entangled in a high profile case, he needs to fight himself first and then later on deal with Prakash Raj, a famous criminal lawyer who is up against him in a hit-and-run case.

While Prakash Raj defends the accused, Udhayanidhi fights for justice.


Udhayanidhi Stalin is at his best with subtle expressions that showcases the dilemma and the chaotic mind of human. Manithan is easily his best so far and by fair distance too. Hansika gets a meaty role and the actress, who often gets criticized for her lip-sync, has done a fabulous job in this film. Radha Ravi is a performer alright and the finesse with which he portrays the role of a judge is commendable. Prakash Raj could’ve come up with a little more measured performance.


Technically, Manithan is a delight to watch. Cinematographer Madhi keeps the entire film colourful and his interesting angles while showcasing scenes involving the court room is intriguing. Background score by Santhosh Narayanan manages to lift certain scenes up. Though Ahmed’s screenplay is good initially, the latter half of the film gets predictable, causing a nosedive to a perfectly launched missile.

Overall View:

Manithan sure has its flaws and it hardly does justice to its original version. However, the emotional quotient and the well intentioned plot makes this film watchable

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