Managing your career and avoiding mistakes

Career is an important part of a person life, it is advised to manage the career in a systematic way and avoid making mistakes in due course of career building. The following facts are to be noted for a progressive career .

Lack of focus. Focus on the option that seems to very suitable from endless number of options, lack of focus  by spreading our energy all over the place we lose direction and reduce our task-specific output. Replace good with best in your to-do list

Burnout. Lack of planning, focus, mismanagement and unprecedented events can lead to mental and physical exhaustion and stress, in the long run stress impedes growth of brain cells and reduces overall productivity, job satisfaction and happiness.

Be part of a social community. True happiness comes from people, not from your work! Integrate yourself into a self-chosen community of your liking.   Build up soft / team skills, which are crucial the higher you climb up the ladder in your career

Stable support system. You will come across a series of ups and downs in life. The ups are only going to be half as awesome and the downs twice as negative if you don’t have good friends on your side. Make good friends for stable support and encouragement.

Strength training.. We always give priority to work over physical fitness. However, working out is not only meant for top performers but for an average human being too. Work out 2 times a week for 45 min.

Presentation matters. Professional knowledge and domain skills are important and will give you a good career start. We need to present our skills convincingly as world will judge you by what they see on social media and the way you dress up. Presentations matters in your professional and as well your personal life.

Don’t be a boss, be a friend. Each of us is gifted with certain characteristics and features and all of us cannot be measured upon the same criteria. Make the system flexible by asking for people’s opinions. Identify their strengths and use them to your advantage rather than enforcing your rules and arguments upon them.

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